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You know I couldn’t launch this super-special, never-done-before service without trying it out first, right? I used to be the daughter, the youngest of the clan in my 3-generation bond. I loved being the daughter because I felt like the bridge that connected my mom and my Nona in a lot of ways. I also […]

One of the most popular questions all photographers get asked is what should I wear for the photoshoot? If you too have this question I compiled a list of  10 tips to help you and the fam get camera ready.  I recently learned that it’s best to coordinate colors and outfits during school shopping season. […]

Let’s talk gifts. Specifically, gifts for moms. I recently asked some boss mom’s what the best gift they received was and many answered anything that their children crafted. One husband had the first drawing their daughter ever drew of their family framed and it still hangs proudly in my friend’s home. Another mompenur I know […]

Today was an amazing spring day. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining, the wind was blowing just right, and I was excited to run my Friday errands. On my way to the local library, I was listening to one of my latest favorite podcasts—WORK IT MOMMY with Clari Mua. I was listening to […]

You’re looking at your kids and can’t believe how rapidly they change. You wish you could keep them this little forever. You scroll through Instagram and admire your friend’s family photos and think. I really need to do that too.  So you do a quick search on good-ol-google and after looking at the pricing packages […]