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writing in the margins

Checking in. How are you dreamer, action taker, industrious entrepreneur? The conclusion of 2021’s first quarter is here. Did you meet the goals you wanted to hit these past 3 months? What lessons did you learn? Any breakthroughs or special moments? I personally like to reflect on those questions at the end of each month. […]

Branding is quite the learning curve — at least it was for me. As a business owner you wear all the hats … and as a marketer you need to advertise your brand. In the beginning I was apprehensive because we’ve all had that “sleazy car-sales-man” experience. (PS: I’m not saying all car salesmen operate […]

A moment of total transparency. I’m nervous. A good nervous, but nervous all the same. You see, I’m the kind of girl who loves the idea of punching in and out. I took a class with my mom regarding business in the summer of 2016 and one of the instructors opened the class by saying […]