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First, let’s address the big elephant in the room. What’s a launch? Like a rocket ship launch that propels astronauts in motion to fly into space, a business launch sets a plan in motion to promote a new product or service for a business. I’ve been officially a full-time photographer for a year, and I’ve […]

Today is my 9-year wedding anniversary. I remember being in the earlier stages of my relationship with Stephon and wishing it was 9 months instead of 9 weeks or 9 days. I have a habit of always planning the future. This habit, although constructive, can sometimes prevent you from completely submersing yourself in the joy […]

Guys, I’ve been so busy with life and business that it totally escaped me. August 4, 2020, I signed papers to make Pereyra Photos an official recognized local business! Today is August 6, 2021 and I just want to take a moment to reflect all that happened in 1 year of entrepreneurship. Pereyra Photos launched […]

You know I couldn’t launch this super-special, never-done-before service without trying it out first, right? I used to be the daughter, the youngest of the clan in my 3-generation bond. I loved being the daughter because I felt like the bridge that connected my mom and my Nona in a lot of ways. I also […]

A day where families get together to honor the patriarchs in their family with gifts and praise. For fatherless children like myself—it’s a reminder of a loud absence that we try to quiet or ignore despite the years of emptiness. When I was younger, I would always get chocked up when I’d see a father […]

What words come to mind when you hear the word mother? Better yet, what defines a mom? Many think of a the beautiful journey of creating new life, from pregnancy, to breast feeding, to the raising, supporting, and loving a child. But moms come in different forms. Many women are made mothers through this beautiful […]

April is a bittersweet month. While the days are getting longer in my neck of the woods and spring is slowly blooming its colors and scents, it’s also the month I lost both my grandparents. My Nono passed on April 27, 1999 and my Nona passed April 17, 2019. Both times our families were in […]

Today was an amazing spring day. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining, the wind was blowing just right, and I was excited to run my Friday errands. On my way to the local library, I was listening to one of my latest favorite podcasts—WORK IT MOMMY with Clari Mua. I was listening to […]