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You know I couldn’t launch this super-special, never-done-before service without trying it out first, right? I used to be the daughter, the youngest of the clan in my 3-generation bond. I loved being the daughter because I felt like the bridge that connected my mom and my Nona in a lot of ways. I also […]

June 12, 2021—marked a pivotal moment in the lives of Crystal & Christina Mallett. This sister duo worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make their dream of opening a hair & nail salon come true. The excitement grew with every person that crowded the entrance to STUDIO 23 located at 46 State St. in downtown […]

Ever experienced being miles apart from your family for a long period of time? You may be reading this with a funny look on your face right now since we all experienced this loneliness in 2020. We all now know what it feels like to long to embrace a loved one. To be in the […]

A day where families get together to honor the patriarchs in their family with gifts and praise. For fatherless children like myself—it’s a reminder of a loud absence that we try to quiet or ignore despite the years of emptiness. When I was younger, I would always get chocked up when I’d see a father […]

As a fellow creative I know time can escape you. I know that life happens right in the middle of great flow or a deadline. But preparation in advance can be the buffer to help us continue in our creative adventure with peace of mind and a hint of professionalism. These 5 tips are tried […]

One of the most popular questions all photographers get asked is what should I wear for the photoshoot? If you too have this question I compiled a list of  10 tips to help you and the fam get camera ready.  I recently learned that it’s best to coordinate colors and outfits during school shopping season. […]

Calling all small business owners in the Capitol Region of NY. I got a couple questions for ya: Are you launching a new product or service? When was the last time you updated your profile image?  Do you have a boss bio that provides your ideal client a clear message of who you are, what […]

Can I ask you a question? Can I ask you 8 of em? This may be a little weird but… Raise your physical hand if: You avoid the mirror or have a tough time liking who stares back at you? You have a hard time identifying praiseworthy skills in yourself? You find it difficult to […]

In this day an age a review is like currency. If you are like me, you google places to eat and look at their reviews. Anything 4.7 stars or higher usually does not disappoint. If you are an Amazon shopper, you do the same. The point? Reviews help you make a decision. That’s why reviews […]

This time of year, the kiddos at school are doing arts and crafts projects in honor of their mamas. Commercials are giving us ideas of what to purchase moms. Hallmark is stocked with cards full of thoughtful expressions for mom. And the florists are filling up their shops with roses. Have you ever wondered where […]