10 Random Facts

1. I love finding new cafés, even though I don’t drink coffee, but I love me some tea. I love the cozy atmosphere in mom & pop cafés—it makes me want to write.

2. I’m a fan of various music genres, but many are surprised when I bust out to the lyrics of a country song. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a good story, and country’s lyrics paint some heart-tuggers.

3. I love talking about the Bible and the many lessons inside it, so if you have any questions or want to engage in a friendly discussion and not a debate, I’m all ears.

4. Journaling is life… been journaling since 1995!

5. The office supply section in any store is my favorite aisle to walk through.

6. I like to walk in the rain. 

7. Willow trees make my inner child do a happy dance. 

8. I’m a vegetarian with lactose intolerance. 

9. I’m an amateur crocheter. 

10. When I was younger my eldest cousin Quito introduced me to the wonders of the X-Men. I was Storm. I legit thought I had her powers because I’d stare at the trees outside my window for so long that when the wind rattled the leaves, I thought it was me. 

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