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Overcoming the Fear of Failure

What are you afraid of? By nature, I’m a scaredy-cat. I don’t watch horror or suspense movies because I will have nightmares for weeks. The two times I tried to be cool at sleepovers and watch the scary movies with friends I traumatized myself. I’m terrified of clowns as a result of trying to be cool.

As I got older the fears just piled up. I was afraid of looking dumb in front of my peers so I stopped myself from raising my hand to ask for clarification in class when I didn’t understand something. I’m afraid of being alone in the dark. But the fear that stuck with me the most, the fear that caused so much self-doubt was the fear to fail. I feared that if I failed, I’d be rejected.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve learned something that changed my perspective drastically. I learned that in business, when you are generic and try to please everyone you please no one. People will reject you and that’s good. Why? Because those are not your people. Repel those who aren’t for you and attract those who are. The more specific you become, the stronger your authority, and the clearer your message to attract your ideal clients.

I also learned that to run a successful business you must do.

You must act on a vision. Test it out. See how it pans out. Success is not in the numbers; success lies in the lessons. So, if you didn’t meet the desired quota or no one bought your service or product… you tested out a theory, and in doing so you learned what your market liked. Do more of that. You learned what you could do better, so you tweak that.

This deep-rooted fear of failure no longer has control of me.  I changed my perspective. Fear is no longer an agonizing ominous cloud looming over my head warning me not to act. I use fear as an indicator of growth. The more I fear something in my business, the more excited I feel to expand the boundaries of my comfort zone.

To me this fear to fail is an indicator of growth. So, my motto has become, don’t fear failure, embrace it. Fail faster.

The more I fail. The more I learn. Tell me, what fear holds you back? What fear have you conquered? What lessons has fear taught you?

  1. Angie says:

    Preach girl! I can totally relate when it comes to those fears.. in fact, the other day I came to the realization of one reason why I have such fears… when I was younger maybe about six or seven years old my mom would take my sister and I to go clothes shopping and one thing my sister would do is run away from me. I remember I would be chasing her – crying because I didn’t wanna get lost and it seemed that the louder I cried, the faster she ran… that’s just one reason why I have abandonment issues and feelings of not being wanted but I’m so glad that now I can say that if anything that experience made me stronger and i’m thankful to have come to the realization that I am loved, I am wanted, and I’m worthy of being in the space of others. Love this point too: “Repel those who aren’t for you and attract those who are.” This is such a great reminder for me to continue being myself and put my heart out like I always have 🧡

    • Alejandra Pereyra says:

      I love your vulnerability Angie! Thanks for being so open. There are some who are repelled by it. But never forget that vulnerability is a gift. It opens the door for others to see themselves in you. To feel that they are not alone, and they too share their story. Find those individuals that value your gift and love those that don’t at a distance.

  2. JoAnnie says:

    Ok so I agree with you one hundred percent. Hahaha I don’t like clowns 🤡 either because of the movie IT my cousin made me watch 😭. I am working hard on embracing failure because that means I’m growing.

    • Alejandra Pereyra says:

      Yes to the scary clowns… IT traumatized me too. LOL. And clapping you up. Failure is not so scary once you adjust your viewpoint. Crazy how powerful perspective is.

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