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5 Ways to Beat Imposter Syndrome

The phrase has been thrown around a lot. What exactly is imposter syndrome? Google defines it as “a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success.” This bad boy robs you of joy. It’s a persistent weed in the mind that rears its ugly head and strengthens self-doubt.

We all battle with it.

I’ve experienced it in every aspect of my life but for the sake of time, I’m just going to focus on how it impacts me in my business.

-imposter syndrome tells me not to publish the e-book I recently wrote

-imposter syndrome kicks in after a Motivation Monday (IG life episode) where I play wanna be Oprah telling me.. who do I think I am… quit while your ahead

-imposter syndrome kicks in when I raise my prices

-imposter syndrome kicks in after I cull a gallery

-imposter syndrome kicks in when I need to market my business

In these times that imposter syndrome calls my name, I do the following to overcome its taunts:

  • Call a friend to remind me of my worth. If you are fortunate to find like-minded individuals that not only match in your core values (the non-negotiables of life) but also match your aspirations… that is GOLD my friend. Please treat those individuals with special care. When in need, I call my tribe of boss babes and they remind me of who I am when imposter syndrome called me out my name. You also have to be humble enough to reach out for help, and don’t forget to return the favor when the shoe is on the other foot.
  • Create a hype file. Ever got a love note, a card, an encouraging text that someone sent you highlighting your strengths or how you’ve impacted their life? SAVE THOSE MESSAGES. Not to massage the ego, but rather to remind yourself that you are the opposite of what the internal saboteur is mocking you for. Reading these hype files are like Popeye’s the Sailor Man’s spinach. It will help you punch those self-defeating thoughts right out of your mind.
  • Remember that your feelings are not facts. What do I mean by this? Feelings are an emotional reaction to a circumstance; it doesn’t make it true. Need an example? If you are nervous, you may get a racing heartbeat and sweaty palms that create a knot in your stomach… but that’s just a feeling. It usually indicates that you are excited and want to do a good job. You aren’t a nervous person. You aren’t your nerves. Detach. Breathe. And follow through with the action that incited the nerves.
  • Nurture your subconscious. I can get really nerdy here but I’m going to be brief. The subconscious is a portion of the mind that can only receive information. It does not have the ability to reject anything, and it’s tied to your emotions. In the previous bullet we talk about feelings not being facts. Well, the subconscious cannot differentiate between fact or fiction. Since that’s the case, what we feed our subconscious has to be nurturing so that we can combat self-limiting beliefs. If we feed our subconscious positive thoughts, imposter syndrome has nothing to feed on. And if it isn’t getting fed, well, he won’t have the strength to make you doubt yourself.
  • Speak kindly to yourself. We all have an inner voice inside our heads that is kind of a jerk. We would never speak to someone else the way we speak to ourselves. I call that mean inner voice a negative mix tape. When we have that negative mixtape on repeat, we feed the subconscious negative emotions and the internal saboteur has a feast. BUT if we play a more positive tune, the subconscious is nurtured and the internal saboteur leaves because we aren’t playing his jams.

Imposter syndrome is like a bad boyfriend that continues to chip away at the real you. It’s time to break up with him boo.

And when he calls to get back together, don’t pick up the phone. By all means, block his number. Where are you in your journey with this toxic boyfriend aka internal saboteur? Are you gaining the courage to break up? Are you in a cycle of toxicity and wanting to keep him around in hopes he changes? Do you have tips of your own to contribute on how to break up with this loser? Let’s keep this conversation going in the comments below.

  1. Morgen says:

    Another knowledge bomb! I’m in the space where the negative mix tape is blaring loudly and on repeat. I hear it, I kinda believe it but I’m pushing forward anyways with the knowledge that I can’t get anywhere if I don’t move through it. I think about people who are less skilled than I am, not in a negative way just as a reminder that we are all at different places in our journey and realizing that if they can do it so can I.

    • Alejandra Pereyra says:

      Yes. That negative mixtape is super annoying. We really are in different places of our craft and the beauty in that is that there is space for everyone.

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