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Are Blogs Still Relevant In 2021?

Absolutely! Even though blogs have been around for a while, they are thriving!

Blogs are a great way to connect with your customers and can boost SEO… they are content that you can repurpose in newsletters and social captions, it’s a release of creativity to make room for more of that creative-juice-goodness to continue to flow, and it can help you document your journey so that you can look back and see just how far you’ve come.

Thinking of starting a blog? It’s good to contemplate the following:


  • Will you highlight and showcase the businesses you work with?
  • Will you talk about your personal journey as mom and business owner?
  • How personal are you willing to get in the stories you share?
  • Will you provide tips, tricks, and how-tos of your trade?
  • What’s your overall objective for this blog?

My blog is deemed a lifestyle blog. I write about business tips that I’ve learned since I offer branding portrait sessions and consultations. Doing so helps me solidify my thoughts and holds me accountable to put into practice what I learn.  I talk about my personal family experience because I take pictures of families and I share my story in hopes that my journey resonates with theirs.  My goal in the Writing in the Margins blog is to encourage & educate. What purpose fuels your blog?


  • TITLE: When titling your blog post, don’t get too creative with the titles, instead, think of terms or phrases your ideal Client would use in a search. Get inside your ICA’s (Ideal Client Avatar) head and take note of what questions they have and how your blog can give answers or be the solution. Using relevant search terms in your titles and content. Same way you scroll through YouTube to find a video that hopefully answers the question you have, name your blog that way.

Example: Instead of Who Says Blogs are Dead? , I titled this very blog post Are Blogs still Relevant in 2021?

The creative in me likes the first title better but the second title is more searchable. So the search-friendly title won.

  • FORMAT: When formatting your blog post, make it easy on the eyes. Break the text up so that the reader doesn’t get lost in a long paragraph. Make it easy for skim readers by highlighting the main points via bigger font. Use bullet points and graphics when appropriate. That’s the fun part of assembling a blog if you are into that sort-of-thing.
  • DITCH THE PDFs: Instead of sending your clients a detailed PDF, why not convert those PDFs into blog posts and provide your clients links to those blog posts so it can boost your SEO! It’s a win-win. They get informed and your blog post gets shared, boosting its relevancy. get google-juice points.
  • CONSITENCY: The more consistent you are, the more the algorithm we notice your relevancy and push your articles up the virtual food chain. I know it’s hard. For anyone who tries to work out and eat healthy, being consistent is hard especially during family gatherings when someone makes your favorite dessert or when you go on vacation and don’t hit the gym. You loose momentum. But discipline fuels consistency. It’s an ugly truth, but it’s a staple in any aspect of your life.

Do you blog? I’d love to hear what tips you’ve gathered in your blogging career in the comments below.

  1. JoAnnie says:

    So I relate to this blog so much become a voice inside me sometimes tells me to not post or push that live button. Yes consistency is the key and I have to remind myself of it. Thank you for this well written reminder.

    • Alejandra Pereyra says:

      Your content is legit JoAnnie. I see how much effort and gems you pack in them. You got this girl. Thank you for being such a wonderful reader of the blog. BIG BIG hugs to you <3

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