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1 Year Business Anniversary – A Recap of what happened and what is to Come


I’ve been so busy with life and business that it totally escaped me. August 4, 2020, I signed papers to make Pereyra Photos an official recognized local business!

Today is August 6, 2021 and I just want to take a moment to reflect all that happened in 1 year of entrepreneurship.

  • Pereyra Photos launched our website -I struggled through this learning curve. I spent 2 weeks wanting to throw my computer at the wall thankfully, my husband lovingly calmed me down and we got it done. Looking forward to investing in help with the next go around.
  • In January I signed up for a 6-month master mind class to help me serve you better. I met 21 women who touched my heart in ways I did not expect. I also learned that I have to stop trying to find the “matrix pill” somewhere else. It’s in me. Not humble bragging here. But sometimes we get stuck in paralysis by analysis and venture off trying to find answers that are already lying dormant inside us. Only we know how to run our business to the best of our ability. Not saying not to invest in mentorships, but we find the most maturity when we do. Despite the outcome, we learn and grow. So invest wisely.
  • We were featured on our first podcast with the amazing Clari at Work It Mommy Podcast. This also lead to an amazing opportunity with Clari’s phenomenal FB group of entrepreneurial women.
  • Pereyra Photos hosted our very first Boss Babe Challenge and it was a success! It was a 5 day challenge where women decided to show up for their business and learn how to strengthen their boss bio, solidify their ICAs and WHY, polish the copy on their website and connect.
  • We started a little talk show titled Motivation Monday on IG live every Monday at 6pm EST. This mini talk show is a platform to share stories and life lessons to invigorate and learn from one another.

We have some exciting things to come:

  • August 15 we will be officially launching our new package: 3 Generation Photos! Ya’ll this has been a long time coming and I am so excited to capture you in this beautiful series.
  • Head Shot Pop Up: we will be at a local crafts fair at Emack & Bolio’s September 5th, offering unique headshots.
  • Guest speaking at an ANEW virtual summit
  • Fall Minis in late September
  • One week off in November to attend Pioneer School (JW life)

Thank you for taking this adventure with me. You answered model calls, and invested in my services. I appreciated you engaging with me on social media and reading my blog. My business would not exist without you all, so a big shout out to you for supporting me on this journey.

I have so many more ideas for years 2 and 3! Hope I can help you in your branding and family portrait needs.

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