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My 3 Generations Looks A Little Different Now | Albany NY 3 Generations Photographer

You know I couldn’t launch this super-special, never-done-before service without trying it out first, right?

I used to be the daughter, the youngest of the clan in my 3-generation bond.

I loved being the daughter because I felt like the bridge that connected my mom and my Nona in a lot of ways. I also enjoyed challenging the deeply entrenched views of the generations before me.

But this time around. I’m the one in the middle.

Crazy how time ticks away so quickly.

I am super close to my niece Ja’Mani. My husband and I have spent weekends with Ja’Mani since she was practically fresh out the womb. We’d pick her up on the weekends and play mom and dad. She is 10 now, so we’ve been doing this pretty frequently for the past decade.

I tell you this because, in many ways, I feel like a mom. I don’t pretend to be, I know she has a very capable mother who adores her and is doing the best she can to provide well for Ja’Mani. Yet, I feel closer to Ja’Mani than just an aunt. I call her our part-time daughter.

It’s scary how alike we are in some ways.

She is an avid reader, loves to learn and draw. She is always ready for an arts & crafts project and she also has many qualities I wish I had.

Ja’Mani has now taken the youngest role in a new 3 generational bond in my life. Which kinda moves me to the generation in the middle and bumps mom up to being the oldest in this new bond.

Ja’Mani is not only the daughter I don’t have but also the granddaughter my mom loves and adores.

We played the game, and we learned a lot about ourselves. We laughed, we cried, and we got some things off our chest. Then we went scouting for a location with nice even light and took pictures there. Stephon was our photographer.

I truly enjoyed this experience. Mom said that when she received the online gallery she cried. You know the cool thing about life? Even though in many ways it’s short and unpredictable, it also changes and expands with each generation that comes. Those new bonds are the threads that continue our story after we are long gone.

3 generations are super special when they are of the genetic kind, but bonds are also built regardless of shared DNA.

One of my favorite proverbs says: “there are friends that stick closer than a brother” if you have that bond, don’t sell it short. Embrace it and honor it by documenting your bond.

  1. Marcela says:

    While reading (and crying) your beautiful narrative, many memories of You Nona and I popped up inside my head. Laughter, huggs, cooking together, crying, making faces at each other’s opinions and my heart felt a burning sensation. However, having Mani sharing this loving bond with us is like a balsam for my heart, as well as helping me to enjoy life as is, having fun making new memories, shifting generations and looking forward to seeing Nona( my mom) in the near future.
    This project , is soooo much more than BEAUTIFUL pictures. It’s an experience that I will treasure forever . Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! Love you 3 till eternity. Mom
    PS. Love you 4Phon😁

    • Alejandra Pereyra says:

      Thank you for reading this. I can’t agree more. The is more than beautiful pictures it’s a wonderful memory to add to our treasure chest. We love you tooooo!

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