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What to Wear for Family Photos | Albany NY Photographer

One of the most popular questions all photographers get asked is what should I wear for the photoshoot? If you too have this question I compiled a list of  10 tips to help you and the fam get camera ready. 

I recently learned that it’s best to coordinate colors and outfits during school shopping season. One of the best times to get your picture taken is the beginning of September because all the kiddos are getting ready for their first day of school and naturally they grow out of last years threads which has you shopping for new clothes anyway. 

Use back to school shopping to assemble your outfits that way you get two things out of the way, family pictures & school shopping done. 

Here are your 10 Tips

1. Nails: For my ladies, a photo shoot is a time to splurge a little on your good looks to highlight all that you are working with. Nail color can either match an outfit or go with the sleek classic look and do a French Mani/Pedi (depending on the season you may have your toes showing.) We don’t want the nail polish to detract from the real beauty… and that’s you! For the fellas or if you are an all-natural type of person and cringe of going to a nail salon, make sure your nails are neatly trimmed and that there is no dirt underneath them. We may get some close up of your hands caressing your kiddos or your mate so let’s keep those bad-boys neat and clean. 

2. Tame the Mane: If you want to get a fresh cut, do it a week before the shoot, just in case it didn’t turn out the way you’d hoped that way you still have time to make it work. Since our time together will be spent outdoors, feel free to bring bobby pins, a comb or a pony to freshen up your locks due to wind. But to be completely honest, I love shots where the wind is blowing your hair just right. 

3. Make Up: Give your eyes a nice pop if you’d like, usually make up and cameras have a great relationship. But the all natural look is fine too. Do you boo. 

4. Moisturize: Being out in the wonder of nature we will be exposed to the elements that can dry our skin and lips in the colder months so keep your lip balm, Vaseline, or hand lotion on deck. In the warmer months feel free to douse yourselves in bug spray and bring a handkerchief to pat down perspiration from your beautiful face. 

5. Let’s Talk Clothes: I am not a fashion guru by any means but below are some tips for you to feel and look your best. 

COMFORT: Not your sweat pants and a baggy sweat-shirt comfy BUT if you feel good, you will look good right! Choose clothing that gives you freedom of movement, keeps you warm or cool — depending on the season. Clothes that won’t require a lot of maintenance throughout your session are great … that way you’re not constantly readjusting as we move about the location. 

TEXTURE: Add some visual interest to your images with unique fabrics. Some examples: lace, cable knits, chambray, tweed, herringbone, chambray, faux fur, or wool. 

PATTERNS: Don’t be scared of patterns and prints! They can work great in moderation. Try one statement piece (for instance, a colorful floral dress for mom) and one subtle pattern (maybe tiny polka dots for baby girl), then keep the rest of the family in simple solid colors that compliment the pattern on your dress. 

COLOR COORDINATION: according to several trendy magazines, rule of thumb is to pick no more than three colors that compliment one another and combine them in different pieces of your outfit or with classic staples/neutrals (ie: denim or khaki) Fall is my favorite season for many reasons…one of which is that the leaves tell me what colors go great together. I also love to layer so you’ll see me in a mustard yellow skirt, a dark forest green sweater and a rust blazer or trench coat. I love me some scarves and boots (practically live in them) add those too and boom… you have an outfit. 

Accessories:  Here are some ideas:

  •  For my ladies: necklace, scarves, bracelets, headbands, hats, bows … 
  • For dad and son(s): hats, bowties, ties, suspenders 

6. Shoes: Depending on the location you choose and the weather, make sure you wear comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting wet. We will also be doing some walking around so you can walk around in the comfy shoes and then quickly switch to the fabulous ones if need be. If we are at the beach or indoors, no shoes are necessary so you can skip this tip. 

7. Props? Will you be bringing any signs? Blankets and pillows for a decorative picnic scene? Mugs with hot coco? Bikes or scooters? Let me know in advance so we can plan it out. Props are optional, we don’t want to detract from the main subject… the connection between you and your babies. 

8. Cheese if for Crackers: Don’t worry about saying cheese. Not all pictures have to be cheesy. I’m here to make you feel comfortable and remind you of your natural beauty. Most of my directives will include you looking at each other, breathing your kiddos in, hugging, kissing, and maybe even tickling, don’t worry about staring at the camera and saying cheese.

9. Be On Time: Life is super busy as is and adding kids to that equation makes it even busier. I am the product of a single parent latina mom and punctuality was not our strong suite for a while… it’s tough! I know. However remember that for the shoot time is sensitive. I capture your moments in golden hour–where the sun does a marvelous dance around its surroundings making everything heighten in warmth and beauty so being on time is crucial. Let’s enjoy the gift of light together by making the most of our session. 

Lastly …

10. Have Fun: Relax and enjoy some quality time with one another. I will worry about your kids behavior, you just need to show up prepared to have fun and relax. I encourage you to make this a fun family experience. Instead of bribing your children with a treat, make this a feel good day. Make plans to go out for dinner or a treat before or after the session as a family. Not as a reward but as part of the overall experience.

If you have any tips that have helped you please feel free to share them below.  Remember these are just tips, the priority is feeling good in what you are wearing. When you feel good, you look good.

Now that you know what to wear, all you have to do is book a session. It’s a $385 retainer and the remainder is due a week before your session. Let’s get you booked!

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