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How to Write a Good Review

In this day an age a review is like currency.

If you are like me, you google places to eat and look at their reviews. Anything 4.7 stars or higher usually does not disappoint.

If you are an Amazon shopper, you do the same.

The point? Reviews help you make a decision. That’s why reviews are so valuable.

Some shy away from reviews because of time, energy, or to be honest we tend to overthinking of it. The pressure is on when you want to praise a business you love.

If that sounds like you, I got you.

Here are some questions to consider when writing your review:

  • What needs did you have?
  • What apprehensions or concerns did you have before you invested?
  • How did the business, service, or product meet your expectations or help you overcome your initial concern?
  •  What was your overall experience like? Use specifics here to paint a picture to a potential customer that may have the same concerns you did.
  • Would you invest in this experience again?
  • Would you recommend this experience to a friend? If so, why?

4 Tips to Help You Right  A Review

  1. Ask for a link if one is not provided for you to leave a review
  2. Meditate on some of the questions above
  3. Speak kindly and genuinely
  4. Rinse & Repeat

Yea. It’s that simple.

I’ve personally benefited from reviews both as a customer and a business owner.

As a customer, it helped me be confident in my purchase. As a business owner, it felt good to see that my little business is not only appreciated but making an impact in my community. I even appreciated the tactful constructive criticism. It helped me tweak systems in my business to better assist the families I serve.

The best part about leaving a review is that it’s a free way to support products or services you love. It honestly makes you feel pretty good to sing someone’s praise. You never know the impression your kind words can have. One of my favorite Proverbs highlights the power in kind words:

A good word, when spoken at the right time, [oh] how good it is. (Proverbs 15:23)

Kindness is free friends. I dare you to pick 3 of your favorite small business and leave a positive, heartfelt review.

PS: Just in case Pereyra Photos made your list for one of the 3 businesses, here is a link to Write a Review! Thanks so much for your love and support friend.

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