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What Makes Someone A Mom?

What words come to mind when you hear the word mother?

Better yet, what defines a mom?

Many think of a the beautiful journey of creating new life, from pregnancy, to breast feeding, to the raising, supporting, and loving a child.

But moms come in different forms.

Many women are made mothers through this beautiful process of birthing a life into this world.

But others are made moms by adoption.

Others by being consistently present in the life of a child.

Although I am not physically a mother, emotionally I consider myself one.

As a Latina, we are taught to nurture from a young age. We have siblings, cousins and neighbors that trust us to baby sit their children that teach us how to foster this beautiful human quality.

When I taught secularly, I nurtured students in my classroom for a whole year, some who I still keep in contact with today. In some instances, I spent more hours with them than their own parents. I built rapports so strong that I knew when they were having a tough day as soon as they walked into homeroom.

I spent more of my check on them than on me.

And as a Titi (aunt), I have the privilege of spending every weekend with my nieces. I get the chance to make a small impact in their development and I don’t take the responsibility lightly.

My body has not physically given birth, but my heart has nurtured and will continue to do so. So, can I call myself a mom?

Let me know in the comments below.

  1. Sonya says:

    Absolutely. Being a mother goes beyond the title… it’s the support, the love, the discernment and the ability as a woman to teach our littles the meaning of love and tenderness. Such a beautiful blog post and thank you for sharing your mom experience and love for the littles you’ve nurtured!

  2. Clari says:

    I think definitely! Being a nurturing woman in the community is very important and builds a strong community for our children.

  3. Clari says:

    I think you definitely can! Being a nurturing woman helps strengthen our children’s social development in our communities. All women can adopt this mindset and give back in this way. It’s very important!

  4. Marcela says:

    I believe that to qualify as a mother some of the must important qualities a woman need to develop are, unconditional love, self respect, patience, humility, empathy, impartiality, flexibility, apreciation, forgiveness, sense of humor, playful, and a happy attitude towards life itself so we can help our children to care for the needs of others while they can establish their own routine and meet responsibilities accordingtotheir ages. Therefore any woman with a nurturing personality can be a great mom to any child in the whole entire world, despite of having giving birth to a child or not; because she is capable to love, respect and care for the needs of the most beautiful human being.

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