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How to Identify Your Strengths & Weaknesses

Have you ever taken the time to reflect on your character? The strengths and weaknesses you possess? I have. It was always easy to list the weaknesses.

The list was always super long.

Knowing our weaknesses can be a strength to a degree. It can help us stay away from pitfalls. It can help us identify qualities we need to improve. But dwelling on them does no good. It blinds us from the good qualities we do have.

That was my problem for a very long time.

I tied my self-worth to the outcomes of my goals. If I reached the goals, I liked myself that week. But if I didn’t, let me tell you that I would decorate the corners of my mind for a fortnight-long pity party.

I had super low self-esteem and was so self-critical.

I couldn’t identify any strengths in my character for a looooong time. If you have the same issue, know you aren’t alone. I want to save you years of pity parties’ friend. Put the streamers down and stay far far away from the “I suck” mix tape. Try these steps to help you see the wonderful person that you really are.

I’m no doctor, but I have been to therapy and seeing my strengths and weaknesses side by side was a big step in my self-love journey. I hope it helps you out too.

  1. Take a sheet of paper and fold it in half. Write strengths on one side & weaknesses on the other or print this worksheet out that I made just for you.  
  2. Ask someone you trust to help identify your greatest strengths. Look for ways you can apply your strengths to promote your business and encourage others. This helps solidify these strengths. You must continue to work these muscles to keep such strengths defined.
  3. Knowing your weaknesses allows you to be alert to possible dangers. Make a list of your greatest weaknesses and choose a close friend to keep you accountable to help you make necessary improvements.
  4. Thank your friend for their honesty. Don’t get angry or offended when they point out your weaknesses. You asked them to keep you accountable, so they are just doing what you asked. This takes humility. And your friend is on your side.
  5.  Be patient with yourself. Take a moment to appreciate yourself too. It takes a strong-willed person to do this exercise.
  6. Reflect on this list 6 months from now. What changes can you identify? It’s important to review your progress.
  7. Rinse & Repeat. As we mature and our life responsibilities and circumstances change, our strengths and weaknesses dance in peaks and valleys. It’s important to take the time and reflect on our character. Who we are and choose to become effects more than just ourselves. Every action good or bad has direct effects on those who know and love us.

Rooting for your success friend. Happy reflecting.

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