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3 Generations are Special

I recently posted a pole on IG asking people some personal questions about their family. 25% of people that participated had their grandmothers in their life while a whopping 75% did not. Know what that means? Life is short.

The cliché is right. You don’t realize what you have until it’s gone.

I grew up with my Nona and mother underneath the same roof.

The 3 generational perspective was a constant at our dinner discussions.

The two women responsible for my very existence and me all together in a one room, day after day revealing our dreams, regrets, traumas and raising our voices and heart rates in occasional arguments.

Many days, I took this for granted. You see, this was my norm. From the day I was brought home from the hospital in March of 1989 until my second year of marriage we all lived under one roof.

I remember coming home to a clean house that my stay-at-home Nona perfumed with pine sol or what she called it: Pino-luz. Nona loved renaming household staples to her liking.

Gatorade became, gay-to-ra-day. Slim Fast was dubbed fleem-pass and I already told you about the pino-luz.  She even renamed friends that frequently came to visit. Some of them proudly wear their nickname to this day.

My mom is a hard-working woman. Like many moms, she’d leave her 9-5 (in mom’s case more like 7am-8pm) and then come home to get dinner started.

When mom started cooking, it was bonding time.

Mom was the main chef, creating delicious aromas over the stove while Nona and I played sous-chef. We’d start the usual conversations of our days and then spill into past experiences, usually reminiscing on our childhoods.

I don’t know if I have vivid memories or if these conversations are responsible for all that I know about my childhood.

These conversations are also a big reason why I’ve been able to heal, learn, and grow.

There is something very special about the connection of a daughter, mother, and grandmother. If you have that bond, I ask you to cherish it. Document it. And please, please, please absorb every ounce of goodness in it.  If there is beef, come together and cook it so you can enjoy it together. Seriously, why pick at a scab that can turn into a bigger wound? We aren’t meant to do life alone.

Family is a gift.

The time we have on this earth is short. Do what you can today that you may not be able to tomorrow.

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