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Great Anniversary Gift That Doesn’t Have to Be on Your Anniversary

Why do we wait for milestone moments to get professional photos done? I mean—isn’t the wedding just the beginning of your love story? I know it’s an investment and I’m not saying do this every weekend (unless you want to) — but

the wedding or your 50th anniversary party shouldn’t be the only times you invest in a professional photographer to document your love story.

Romantic gestures don’t end on the wedding day. I have a friend that buys his wife dresses and tells her to put on this dress so they can go out on date nights. They did that while they were dating and still do that 8 years into marriage. I have another friend that transforms his living room and sometimes backyard for impromptu date nights. My husband and I still write love notes to each other. We have a journal that we write to each other in. We have a volume for every year of our marriage plus 2 extra from our dating days. That’s at least a decade of love notes!

One of the best gifts you can give your children and each other is a happy marriage so why not capture the joy in it?

I wish I had more pictures of my grandparent’s love. This was before smartphones were even a concept. I really really don’t have much to remember their love—the love that is responsible for my family tree.

Now that they are both gone, all I have is a few grainy pictures, mostly of them separately.

If you have a couple you love, that couple who has been influential to you, gift them this precious present and help them and their families preserve their own very special love story.

If you are in a marriage yourself and can’t remember when was the last time you two did something special just for the two of you, take the leap. I’d be honored to freeze a moment in your love story for you.

Let me help you remember the butterflies you felt on the wedding day. Don’t allow the hustle and bustle of routine to help you forget of the romance that still lives and breathes inside you and your best friend.

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