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5 Tips to Set and Achieve Goals

A new year usually brings out new goals. But goals aren’t just something you dream about—it requires hard work.

There are BIG goals and small ones. Usually, the small goals are steppingstones to help you get closer to the BIGGER ones.

Here are 5 Tips that have helped me personally achieve my goals. I hope they help you in your journey.


  1. WRITE IT DOWN. Research has shown that people who physically write their goals on paper are more likely to achieve their goals than those who don’t. Get a pen and paper and write 4 Big Goals you want to accomplish this year. For the sake of balance … set a goal to tackle each aspect of your life that is important to you. Once you’ve identified your BIG goal for each category write sub goals or a small action plan that will help you achieve those goals. For me it would look something like this:

Smaller goals become good habits that will help you reach your bigger goal.

You may be thinking: “Yea that’s great and all but who has the time.”Well, my friend, I may say something that may rub you the wrong way.

If it’s a priority—you’ll make the time for it.

2. PRIORITIZE: Once you’ve created your list of BIG and small goals, number them in order of importance. Which goal ignites a fire in you, and a little fear? Chances are, that’s the most important one to start with. Focus on one goal at a time. Make your rough draft into a final copy. Not only does it make it look neat and organized but it’s also repetition for emphasis. This will help you get into the right frame of mind.

3. SHOW CASE YOUR GOALS: Now that you have a nice list of goals for the year, hang it somewhere visible. Now find a place for it to live, like your office space, on your fridge, on the mirror in your bedroom. Anywhere that you stare at and pass regularly throughout the day, to remind you of what you are working towards.

Steph and I framed our goals and keep them in our office space.

  1. GET AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER: We are not meant to do life alone. If you live with family members, that helps a great deal because you don’t have to look elsewhere, you have a support system in the walls of your own home. If not, find a Facebook group, close friend or someone with similar interests and goals that you can keep tabs with and bounce ideas off of. Communication is key here. Let each other know how you best receive constructive criticism. Text each other with encouraging thoughts to keep going. An accountability partner is also responsible to nudge you and make sure you are on track. So don’t get upset with the nudges. We all need them! Eat that humble pie and achieve those goals.
  1. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: You can do this by a check list or you can access this free print out here to help you out.This will keep you focused on your goals. It will keep you motivated and even show you where your week points are so that you can strengthen it to achieve your goals. But it only works if you are honest with yourself. So check off only what you HAVE done.

I’ve tried these tips and I can tell you from experience that they work.

Setting goals is super beneficial. It boosts confidence. It keeps you focused. It makes you more productive. Most importantly, it increases joy.

So tell me friend, what goals are you looking to accomplishing this year?

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