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Don’t Look for Your Passion, Just Do It

Meet Nyzeria Bush. Those who know and love her call her Muffin. Nyzeria has a passion for baking. She learned about this passion through baking with her mom as a little girl. She enjoyed this time spent in the kitchen so much that she decided to invest her time in learning more about this delicious form of art.

She signed up for a culinary program in high school, she spends free time looking up videos on how to decorate cakes and bake yummy recipes. Then she gets to work.

You know what I learned about Nyzeria’s passion for baking? Passion is not something you just feel excited about. It’s not something you search for. It’s something you do.

The more you practice, the more you create, the stronger your skills become and the more joy you receive as a result.

Many of us look for passion as if it’s a lost possession of value. The truth is, passion is just something that brings you joy. We don’t have to have fancy gadgets or years of experience. To be honest, although these things may come with time to make your passion or craft easier — it’s not necessary.

Just start where you are. And please, please, please, don’t compare yourself to someone else.  Comparing yourself to others — that steals your joy. It’s counterproductive to passion. Comparisons keep you away from cultivating it.

So friend. Learn from Nyzeria and just do. Take some time each day and do what makes you happy. Even if it’s just for 5 minutes. What is your passion?

What will you create as you flex your passion muscles?

  1. Cathy Dowdell says:

    I have seen and tasted her talents. Beautifully Yummy 😋

  2. Tabatha Arnold says:

    The photos and your words depiction go hand in hand! THANK YOU!!

  3. Great job! Looks delicious and can’t wait to try it!

  4. Glenda Abdalla says:

    I always tell Muffin she has skills, and her creations are delicious as well as beautiful. Keep up the great work my little sister

  5. Kathy Lloyd says:

    I have seen but have yet to taste. Keep up the nice work Muffin.

  6. Cheryl Lloyd says:

    A Beautiful Sister doing and making beautiful goodies. I love talking with you whenever I have that chance. You are a joy . Lots of love to Muffin the Caker

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