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writing in the margins

Why I titled my Blog “Writing In the Margins” ?

When did you learn that you were good at something? For me it was in college. I remember feeling stumped with one particular writing assignment for my freshmen English class. That assignment had me chase my professor down the academic podium to make sure I had clear instructions. I needed to make sure that I was doing the assignment correctly.

This very professor took pity on me. She saw something in me that I didn’t know I had. This very professor became my mentor. She cultivated this raw talent I didn’t know I possessed and helped me find my voice.  

I knew that I liked to write but liking and excelling are two different things … at least for me.

I wasn’t your average student in college. I went on a mission to survive and thrive. I was told that this education was the key to success. It was the key that unlocked the doors of endless possibility, and I believed it. This striving for success through education was a journey imprinted in my bones.

But I went to school not just to get a good paying 9 to 5 job. I also went to learn how to be a good human being. A law-abiding member of society that uplifted the community.

And that’s how I started to write in the margins. In the pages of my Five-Star college rule notebooks I wrote many notes to help me retain information and pass tests. But when my professor or classmates said something profound — many times that had nothing to do with the lesson at hand — those quotes went in the margins. They were nuggets of truth that kept me grounded in the sea that is academia.

The writings in the margins were notes for my heart.

It told my soul to keep going. The words penned in the margins were love letters to the me I was becoming.

One day I hope that those very words “Writing in the Margins” decorate the front cover of a memoire written by me. I hope its pages be filled with messages to feed your heart and help you in your own journey.

So tell me friend — what are some of the sayings that you have penned in your margins?

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