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How do you Learn Best?

In my quest of continued entrepreneurial education, I’ve been exposed to A LOT of information. Never knew there was so much on being your own boss. It was never a topic discussed in school, so I didn’t know it was an option.

Growing up — I didn’t really know anyone who owned their own business. I was trained to get out of the barrio. To make a name for my family. I was taught that college was the golden ticket to success.

But to be honest, college just gave me debt and a husband.

I say this because I listened to the advice of my teachers, counselors, and family — they all told me that college was the key. I know they meant well, but many in my generation have come to learn otherwise.

The lesson? You don’t always have to follow the popular course or the advice of others.

It’s ok to shop around and see what resonates best with you before you commit.

There is a lot of information out there. I mean A LOT!  In the photo industry alone, there is so much contradiction. Some leaders in the photo industry advise to post on social 2-3 times a day to market your business. Others say it’s not that big a deal. Some say have a pretty feed and stay on brand while others say people want real, not picture perfect feeds— be authentic. One will tell you to do in-person sales and the other will tell you it’s not necessary.

All this information can leave you feeling super overwhelmed and confused.

With so much information what do you consume? Who do you listen to? What do you double down on? The good thing about this abundance of information is we have the final say. Friend, have you ever stopped to think this question through?

How do I learn?

Seriously. Have you ever truly taken the time to figure out how it is you learn best?

Are you more of a visual learner—you need to see it to understand it? Watching movies or videos on a specific subject is enjoyable and more informative for you than a lecture.

Are you a tactile learner — meaning you have to touch, deconstruct and put back together to fully understand and retain information?

Are you an auditory learner — meaning you learn best through sound —maybe making songs or jingles to memorize or understand things?

Or maybe you’re a verbal learner — do you have an inclination to read out loud or teach the information to others to better understand it?

Learning is fun. We just have to figure out which way works best for us.

Understanding how you learn best, gives clear insight into what to invest your time on. It also gives you the opportunity to choose whom you want to learn from.

Ever had a favorite teacher growing up? Maybe you weren’t a straight-A student in school, but you definitely got an A in your favorite teacher’s class. What qualities did this teacher have that drew you to them? What made you trust them? Find those qualities in future teachers.  

Choose whom you want to learn from. That’s so important.  

But what good is all this learning if we don’t apply it right?

Many of us (super guilty here myself) pay a gym membership fee but never use it. The intent is there. But paying our gym membership each month doesn’t provide us with the results we want. We have to get our butt into that gym and sweat. We have to eat healthy and all that jazz. It takes work. It takes constant effort. Invest your time and energy wisely to achieve the results you desire.

In review …

  1. Spend time figuring out HOW you learn best
  2. Find a teacher that feeds your heart & mind, someone that motivates you to action
  3. Hold yourself accountable and apply the information you learn
  4. Never stop learning, education is a life skill

Tell me, friend, what kind of learner are you? What are you currently learning about?

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