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A Photographer’s Dilemma

Are you a photographer? If you are questioning whether a mom with a camera qualifies you as a photographer, the answer is yes. Actually, the answer is HECK YES! Please don’t question your skills through comparison. Been there, done that, and I can tell you that is just a recipe for disaster and self-doubt. A treat that leaves a nasty after taste so do yourself a favor and put that bad boy down. We are all at different levels. Embrace the level that you are at and continue to grow in your craft.

If you love the art of photography, you invested in a camera, and you shoot frequently, no matter your results or bank account — you are a photographer my friend.

So now that we have that out the way — what’s the dilemma?

No. The previous statements were not it.

As a photographer, we have the privilege to capture memories. We are there documenting milestone and everyday moments that our loved ones and/or super awesome clients can look back at and reminisce.

We can reminisce too. Especially moms with cameras — because you were there — taking pictures of your family as life happened right before your eyes. But it’s not the same when you don’t see yourself in the photos.

Moms usually hide behind the camera. They are so good at being a mom that in many ways it consumes your identity. It is an amazing identity and title to wear. Don’t know from experience, but I’ve seen amazing mamas in action. Many of you make it look easy when we know it’s not. But before your world changed and you gained your superpowers in motherhood bootcamp — you were you.

So, when you stay behind the lens it really isn’t the same.

As a professional photographer, you are too busy running your business to pause and take a moment for yourself. To be in the frame with your loved ones instead of just capturing it.

Why is being in your pictures important?

Being in an image allows you to also reflect on yourself. Not just the moment that happened before your eyes. You aren’t the narrator of that story. You are one of the main characters.

Come on Alex, we have technology — selfie-sticks, tripods & cameras with timers. Yes, that’s true. But when you give someone else the reigns to capture your story … you can learn something new. You see more beauty. You gain something special from a different perspective.

Not to mention your kids are able to reflect not only on their personal and physical growth, but they get to see yours too!

I wish I had more pictures of my mom. She was so busy working to provide for us and juggling the curve balls life tossed that she isn’t in many pictures at all. Once we are able to travel again. I’d love to change that.

That’s honestly one of my goals. To take more pictures with my mom — to have someone else document the story of us.

Will you be brave enough to do the same? Let’s make this photographer’s dilemma a resolution.

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