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4 Easy Ways to Support A Small Business without Spending any Money

Did you know that as of August 2020, there are 30.7 million businesses in United States? These small businesses end up building communities by providing jobs, adding character & value to your town and providing top notch service. Some of my favorite local businesses have given me a space to create fun and lasting memories. Here are some SHOUT OUTS: Craves for the best veggie burgers in the Capitol Region, Cider Belly for the best vegan hot coco and scrumptious & creatively named cider donuts in the heart of the city, Emack & Bolios for the best Chai Latte in town, all around chill-vibe, and dairy free ice cream with gluten free cones… seriously guys, you are awesome!, Stacks for having 2 locations and providing some of the best hot beverages in town, Honest Weight for the best breakfast sandwiches and all around healthy-vibe, Madison’s Pizza, I wouldn’t have made it through college without you guys, seriously thank you for staying open as late as you do, & Uncommon Grounds for giving local artist a chance to display their art and possibly have an art lover purchase something. These are just some of my faves, there is a long list, but these come to mind at the moment. I may blog another time about the memories created in each one of these establishments.

COVID-19 hit everyone hard.  Small businesses were no exception. Some small businesses have had to close their doors while others are implementing innovative ways to stay afloat. How can you help your local businesses? Especially since maybe you too have also been impacted financially?

Here are 4 ways I’ve tried to help my local businesses out.

  1. Engage in their Social Media Posts—if you don’t already follow your local business, start there. Like their post, write a comment that is 4 words in length or more so that the algorithm can pick it up. Share the posts with friends or even save it by hitting the book mark tab on FB or IG.
  2. Recommend it to a Friend. Do you know someone that needs a hair stylist, a good cup a joe, a fresh cider donut or photos? Direct your friends to your favorite business website. This will help your local or small business with SEO (search engine optimization) or what I like to call it “google juice”.  The more SEO power they have the higher chances they have to be discovered on google. Visit the website as well. If they have a Blog, engage in the Blog as well!
  3. Write a Review. Reviews are equivalent to internet gold. They help potential clients be excited to trust or invest in the business. It also feels good to receive a compliment. Small business owners put their heart, sweat, and occasional tears into their work so why not grace them with a positive review. I mean seriously, who doesn’t like to give our receive a compliment.
  4. Sign Up for their Newsletter. This is a win-win. As a newsletter consumer you have access to deals before the rest of their audience does. You usually get informed first with the new happenings of the business. Don’t just subscribe to the newsletter. Open the emails up. If there are links that they’ve included, click on them to give your favorite local business more google juice.

Let me know in the comments below how you like to help small businesses. There is strength in numbers, every little bit counts. Friend, how will you help your local business? There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving, so help away.

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