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Invest In Your Love Story

Hello again,

Today’s Blog is special. I give you a sneak peek into my love story. Steph and I have been married for 8 wonderful years. We met in college. Who knew that dropping off soup & class notes to a mutual friend would bring me to my future husband?

2 years later we said I do. We did not have your typical wedding. It was a picnic in one of our favorite state parks around here — Grafton Lake. It was a rainy August 10th in 2012. It’s tradition for it to rain on my special events so I didn’t mind the rain.

I was also jet lagged because I landed from Ghana, West Africa the day before. We spent a whopping $300 on our wedding day and most of it was on food. We like to eat. 

Needless to say, we did not invest in a photographer.

Yes, you read that right. Me of all people — we didn’t invest in a photographer! The only pictures that I have of that day are thanks to Stephon’s aunt Tia-Bell who took pictures on her point and shoot camera.

Mom & Steph planned everything. I didn’t even pick out my wedding dress. I honestly just showed up. My sister-in-law did my hair. I painted my face with some very simple eye makeup. A close college friend whom I adore had 2 dresses for me. “Which one?,” she asked holding up the two choices.  I picked the green one cause it’s my favorite color.

Steph and I never really took the time to take pictures. Not even on an anniversary.

But thanks to Joanne Zephir — we now have professional portraits documenting our love. It’s weird being in front of the camera instead of behind it. Joanne was awesome. We geeked out over photography things as we spent golden hour walking through the beautiful location she picked out. Joanne took her time and captured stunning images.

I experienced the butterflies of getting ready, picking out outfits and even investing in a hair and makeup artist. I felt the anticipation of waiting for your images that comes after the shoot.

Joanne did one heck of a job — I seriously can’t thank her enough. I can’t look at these images through a photographer’s lens. I look at these pictures through the eyes of a wife. I love these images because it preserves my love story. When I look at these pictures, I see true love. I see the comfort I feel when I’m in my husband’s arms. I feel the kindness of his eyes and his smile radiating out of these images. And I look at myself for the very first time and say — I am beautiful.  I am so grateful that we took the time to do this.

It was an investment for sure, but it was so worth it!

So friend, will you invest in your love story? If you aren’t in a relationship just yet, but you have that special couple that gives you all the #couplegoals feels, you know the ones you look up to and aspire to model your very own relationship after — will you help them invest in their love story? I’d be honored to give you or your favorite couple the same feelings Joanne gave Steph and me. Trust me, they are worth it!

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