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A Branding Service to Help You Start Up Your Small but Mighty Business

Branding is quite the learning curve — at least it was for me. As a business owner you wear all the hats … and as a marketer you need to advertise your brand. In the beginning I was apprehensive because we’ve all had that “sleazy car-sales-man” experience. (PS: I’m not saying all car salesmen operate in such a manner… I’m sure there are awesome ones out there… it’s just an illustration … now back to your regularly scheduled program) Since that particular incident left a bad taste in our mouths — we shudder at the thought of doing it to someone else.

I learned that branding actually helps you combat that.  You see, branding is the identity of your business. It’s more than just color schemes on fancy website — it’s the essence of who you are, whom you serve, and the mission behind your business. It’s the footprint that attracts your ideal clients —people that make your heart leap for joy to serve. It also helps you repel those who aren’t inclined for your service or product — and that’s ok.

It’s actually good to repel certain individuals from your business because you can’t be all things to everyone. I’ve learned so much about branding that I want to share it with you. I’m determined to help solopreneurs in their business journey because I personally would have loved that one-on-one help. There’s only so many YouTube videos you can watch yah know. 2020 has taught us that there is nothing like real live human interaction.

If you’re a budding entrepreneur and don’t know the first thing about starting a brand … or maybe you have an idea, but you don’t know how to execute an action plan — the passion project is designed for you. It’s screaming your name!

What’s the passion project? My service for creatives ready to take their passion to the next level — to highlight the face and mission behind their great idea.  If that sounds like you, take this opportunity and investment in your business. Together we will identify your ideal client and create practical steps to reach your target audience. I promise you will gain a clear idea of your vision and obtain stronger confidence in your business. What do you say friend? Are you in? Looking forward to helping you build a strong foundation to achieve your personal definition of success.

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