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What’s the Difference Between a Professional Photographer Experience & a Local Studio?

In a world that bombards us with decisions to consume on a daily basis, what are we to choose? When we are in our office and our stomachs start to rumble, we usually think of the fastest solution to quiet our moaning stomachs. But a lot more goes into the decision of such consumption especially if you just can’t eat anything do to dietary restrictions.

Honest Weight or Whole Foods is too far away from your office so you may just have to settle for that fast food restaurant down the street. You know, the one with the french-fries that are so greasy not even the pigeons will eat it.

In my family of two, I’m the vegetarian and I’m lactose intolerant so I’ve had these monologues more frequently than I would like to admit. However, in the end a decision is made, and you stick to it consequences and all. Chipotle is the fast food chain that my husband and I can always agree on because it offers food we both enjoy.

Right now, you are probably asking yourself: what does this have to do with photography? I promise they connect, just let me get there.

When you want family portraits taken you can usually appease this consumption in one of two ways: local studio or a personalized photoshoot session.

In your local family portrait studio, you will always get the same thing: a cheesy smile staring right at the camera. This is what I call fast food photography or Chipotle. I used to work at a studio in the mall and we had 25 minutes with each client. We were instructed to take the pictures, edit them, and then spend the rest of the time trying to entice the customer to buy large prints that most would never hang up in their homes to make a bigger sale.

Like Chipotle this fast food photography is a quick and usually more affordable way to appease your appetite. Chipotle is awesome. And that is why so many local studios are still in business today. There is a need for quick and easy.

However, if you want a more catered experience you ask your mom to make you your favorite dish. No matter how many times you may have had that specific meal cooked you can’t get tired of it. And no one compares to the way your mom makes it. This meal prepared with love is like a personalized portrait session. It’s just you and your family hanging out with your favorite photographer. You don’t have to worry about sale pitches —you are just enjoying each other as your photographer takes the time to curate images that really highlight the connection in your family.

That’s what I do. So, the decision is yours. Do you want Chipotle or a home cooked meal? If you want Chipotle, that’s great! There are plenty of local studios in town that would love to capture your family. But if you prefer a home cooked meal — I recommend investing in the professional photographer experience.

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