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Starting a Business

A moment of total transparency. I’m nervous. A good nervous, but nervous all the same. You see, I’m the kind of girl who loves the idea of punching in and out.

I took a class with my mom regarding business in the summer of 2016 and one of the instructors opened the class by saying that an entrepreneur is someone who would rather work 18 hours for himself than 5 hours for someone else. I guess I’m not an entrepreneur I thought to myself. The further we got into the class, the more I realized I was right, I’m not an entrepreneur.

My mom and others in that class lit up when they spoke about their ideas and their goals for their business and I just continued to sink further and further into my seat.

Flash-forward to August 2020 — guess what I am? An entrepreneur. Funny how things pan out. I share this with you to let you know that when you do something new it’s scary.

We also at times label ourselves as something and stick to one narrative. For example — if you are a shy person, more reserved and it pains you to speak to people, you title yourself an introvert. You keep that narrative. Every chance you get you reinforce this identity.

There is nothing wrong with knowing your limitations. It’s even necessary to cultivate humility. However, at times such narratives keep us in a box and we cannot reach our next level or a new potential that lies dormant within us. A part of you that you didn’t know you had waiting to burst out.

So here I am, a full-blown entrepreneur. I’ve been reading books, listening to podcasts, and working in harmony with my prayers to serve my clients as best as possible.

The lesson I took away from this predicament — it’s ok to change your narrative from time to time. Some things are set in stone, like being a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter. But then there are other things that can be re-written.

Friend, what narratives will you change today?

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